Weekend Camps

An intake appointment/interview will need to be scheduled for anyone interested in support services that is not a current client of Connections.  Please contact Kashena at kvanasten@connectionswi.com or 920-830-0364 with any interest.  


Registration deadline for Respite services starting 9/16/17 = 9/1/17

Registration deadline for camps = 9/1/17 (or 3 weeks prior to camp date) 


Requires private payment for Generalization Camps upon registration, or prior authorization from the CLTS Waiver for Respite/Non-Generalization Camps.  See policies section at end of brochure for details.

Transportation is available for all of our camps, but there will only be a pickup/drop off at one of our locations (dependent on proximity to the field trip).  Location of pick up and drop off will be listed for each camp below. 

**Space is limited on these camps as staffing allows, so get your registration forms in as soon as you can.  Camps do have minimum capacity-please see disclaimer.


Saturday October 7th, 2017   Little Farmer

On this camp we will explore the apple orchard, pumpkin patch and petting zoo.  This is the perfect fall activity!  Hayrides are also offered, and we may also check out the corn maze.

Pick up/Drop off: Kimberly Center

Time: 9:30am – 2pm


Saturday November 4th, 2017   Bowling at the Tenth Frame

Try your bowling skills out on this camp.  We will lace up our bowling shoes and aim for a couple strikes.  

Pick up/Drop off: Appleton Center   

Times: 10:30am – 1pm


Saturday December 2nd, 2017  Sky Zone Trampoline Park

This camp is always a blast.  SkyZone has tons of different trampolines to jump on, one with basketball hoops, one with a foam pit, and one where you can play dodgeball.  Sky Zone socks will be provided. 

Pick up/Drop off: Kimberly Center 

Times: 11:30am - 2:30pm


Saturday January 6th, 2018 The Building for Kids  

There are many different things to explore at The Building for Kids.  We will check out the fire truck, grocery store, diner and many other places while here. 

Pick up/Drop off: Kimberly Center 

Times: 9am - 1pm 


Saturday February 3rd, 2018 Tri-County Ice Arena

We will slip, slide and skate on this field trip.  Ice skating is always a fun winter activity! 

Pick up/Drop off: Appleton Center

Times: 11am – 2pm


Saturday March 3rd, 2017  Skate City  

Lace up your skates and get ready to have a blast.  We will skate to great music, do the limbo, and maybe even have some races against our Connections friends.

Pick up/Drop off: Kimberly Center  

Times: 10am – 1pm 


Saturday April 7th, 2018 Swimming at the YMCA

We will be splish and splashing on this camp even if it is not quite summer time out there.  Pack your suit and towel for this one.  

Pick up/Drop off: Kimberly Center

Times: 11am – 2pm 


Saturday May 5th, 2018 1000 Islands Nature Center 

Our final school year camp will be to the 1000 Islands Nature Center where we can hike, do scavenger hunts and explore their indoor conservatory.

Pick up/Drop off: Kimberly Center  

Times: 9:30am – 1:30pm


Support Services Registration Form

Connor has been attending Connections for the first time this summer. He has had in-home therapy for the past 12 years. After 3 weeks at Connections, his ability to listen and respond to the prompt “quiet hands” has DRASTICALLY improved. He will fold his hands and not grab or touch things. This is just one example of how the consistency of the center-based therapy programs has really improved Connor’s ability to follow directions.

The staff at Connections is a very professional and caring group. Connections has been wonderful for Connor and we definitely plan to continue at Connections.

- C.

My daughter loves going to connections! Everyone there is like family to us. We've had such a wonderful experience, and I would recommend connections to any family looking into therapy options.

- A. T.