Connections has gone above and beyond my expectations for my amazing son.The entire staff is dedicated to ensuring the best and highest outcomes of these children and truly care for my son and his future. My son inspires me every day and I can tell from the hard work, time and dedication Connections’ staff provides to my son, that they too are inspired by him and all the other amazing kids they work with. Thanks to Connections and the staff I can confidently say my son is on the right path to reach his highest potential and enjoying life.

My son wouldn’t be where he is without the hard work and time through Connections.

- A. A.

My wife and I chose Connections to give our son the needed one-on-one therapy combined with a relaxed non-stressful learning environment. “At home therapy” has gone its limit with our family. Connections came into our life at a perfect time for us.

The past year while at Connections, our son has made positive gains in socialization, on skills with adults and his peers. Overall speaking, although difficult for our son, is moving ahead. Our son really enjoys the Connections facility for learning. Summertime comes with the added surprise of really cool field trips.

- K. K.

Connor has been attending Connections for the first time this summer. He has had in-home therapy for the past 12 years. After 3 weeks at Connections, his ability to listen and respond to the prompt “quiet hands” has DRASTICALLY improved. He will fold his hands and not grab or touch things. This is just one example of how the consistency of the center-based therapy programs has really improved Connor’s ability to follow directions.

The staff at Connections is a very professional and caring group. Connections has been wonderful for Connor and we definitely plan to continue at Connections.

- C.

My relationship with my son has grown tremendously since he started attending Connections.Connections, I feel like I have a partner in treating his Autism, which allows me to focus on building a stronger relationship with my son. I no longer feel alone in coming up with strategies and ways to help him navigate through the world as he sees it, not as I see it. I feel like I have a son again, not a son that has Autism.

His behaviors and communication have improved so quickly since attending. Since he is better able to express his needs without having behaviors, our home life has improved for the entire family. The staff at Connections is always willing to listen to my ideas and concerns, which makes me feel he is in a comfortable and safe environment.

He loves going to Connections on weekends and asks when he can go back!

- B. T.