Summer Camps

Every summer, Connections offers the opportunity for children enrolled in our program, as well as children who are not, to explore different locations and use their social behavior skills and other learned skills in environments outside of Connections. 


Connections is truly a beautiful place! From it’s staff to it’s leadership, they provide such a loving and stimulating environment for my child whose eyes light up when we arrive at Connections for therapy!

With my son recently getting off the wait list for the Autism Waiver and starting Connections just months ago – it is evident to all who know him to see this non-verbal child go from little eye contact and minimal words to more and more each week!  He is now able to express himself in ways he was not able to before therapy!  His play is remarkable and he can now engage in play with his little brother, who adores him and enjoys this time with him greatly!

Because of Connections and their approach to Autism, it is giving my son a chance to grow into his full potential.  I’m very thankful for all who make Connections what it is!

- Written by a Mother of a Beautiful Boy with Autism

You cannot have a testimony without a test. My son Rob was diagnosed at 2 ½ years old with Autism. He is now 12 years old and is still non-verbal and not yet potty trained.

Life has been such a heart break and struggle watching my boy, one of the loves of my life, having a very difficult time not being able to tell me anything. This has been tough on my entire family especially his twin sister, Molly, and older brother, Ross. For 8 years we have tried 3 different in-home therapy groups. All 3 have tried what they believed would benefit Rob the most. Many of his hours were wasted on team meetings, therapists unable to come, and from switching groups when one wasn’t working.

It became such a strain on our family having people constantly in our home and hearing Rob crying and having tantrums from being stuck in the house. He stopped wanting to learn.

In May of 2012 our prayers were answered…. Connections! A center-based therapy for Autism. Since starting with them, we have seen such amazing changes. He is mastering goals that schools Rob has attended said, “he never would.” He is able to communicate with us on his Ipad. It is truly a gift from God watching this. We laugh a lot and even cry happy tears when he hits certain requests that we had no idea he knew.

His attention span is much greater. He can now follow some directions, more cooperative and most of all HAPPY. Center-based therapy is more effective because more of the time is spent one-on-one. When the therapist has a difficult situation, they get immediate help without waiting up to days for a response from the Senior Therapist.

This was very difficult for me to put this in writing. I truly thank the Lord for Connections. I love everyone there who has worked so hard with Rob and they truly believe in him. Their hearts are in this difficult job. I never thought we would ever have people that believe in my boy so much! I wish they could have come to us sooner, but they are here now.

Thank you Jessica and Danette for all of your hard work and making Connections happen. You have hired the best! Love you for keeping Rob safe and making our dreams come true!

- H. R.