These classes occur at community settings around the Valley to cover the following topics: interviewing skills, hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, packaging, stocking and item presentation, food preparation, money management, customer satisfaction and workplace relations.  Please contact Kashena at 920-830-0364 for further information.


Connor has been attending Connections for the first time this summer. He has had in-home therapy for the past 12 years. After 3 weeks at Connections, his ability to listen and respond to the prompt “quiet hands” has DRASTICALLY improved. He will fold his hands and not grab or touch things. This is just one example of how the consistency of the center-based therapy programs has really improved Connor’s ability to follow directions.

The staff at Connections is a very professional and caring group. Connections has been wonderful for Connor and we definitely plan to continue at Connections.

- C.

My daughter loves going to connections! Everyone there is like family to us. We've had such a wonderful experience, and I would recommend connections to any family looking into therapy options.

- A. T.