Daily Living Skills

This class meets one time per week, for 90-minute sessions over a 10-week course duration.  In this class, the client will learn topics such as harmful substances and awareness, shopping at a grocery store, first aid awareness, food preparation and much more through Behavioral Skills Training and Direct Instruction.  Minimum capacity = 3 learners, Maximum capacity = 10 learners   Please contact Kashena at 920-830-0364 for further information.



Connections is truly a beautiful place! From it’s staff to it’s leadership, they provide such a loving and stimulating environment for my child whose eyes light up when we arrive at Connections for therapy!

With my son recently getting off the wait list for the Autism Waiver and starting Connections just months ago – it is evident to all who know him to see this non-verbal child go from little eye contact and minimal words to more and more each week!  He is now able to express himself in ways he was not able to before therapy!  His play is remarkable and he can now engage in play with his little brother, who adores him and enjoys this time with him greatly!

Because of Connections and their approach to Autism, it is giving my son a chance to grow into his full potential.  I’m very thankful for all who make Connections what it is!

- Written by a Mother of a Beautiful Boy with Autism

School was ending and I was dreading summer vacation for my son, as our personal therapy providers had both moved out of state.  I was on line checking for providers, when I remembered that a teacher at his school had mentioned Connections. I looked at their website,and what I loved about it, was after years of in-home therapy, my child could get out and feel like he has a place to go. I  called and was immediately set up with a tour. Going through the building I knew he was going to enjoy it. Insurance granted us 25 hours a week for the summer. His first day I was soooo worried he wasn't going to want to stay. Everyone was so wonderful trying to make him feel comfortable. I went home scared I was going to get a call asking me to pick him up because he wasn't adjusting.  When I went to pick him up, my non-verbal son tried to show me to the door, because he wanted to stay longer than the 5 hours he was there.  I explained to him we will be coming back tomorrow and his face was beaming. There was never a day, this whole past summer, that he didn't come out the door of Connections smiling. We plan on going to Connections forever!!! He absolutely loves it!!!

- B. B.