ABA involves analyzing and modifying human behavior with Behavior Modification.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


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Summer Camps

Every summer, Connections offers the opportunity for children enrolled in our program, as well as children who are not, to explore different locations and use their social behavior skills and other learned skills in environments outside of Connections. 

Support Services

Connections offers 3 full time classes that operate in 10 week durations with 1 mini- 4 week class in late spring. All classes require prior-authorization or payment prior to the start of the class during the registration process. CLTS Waiver Service Coordinators are required to email intent to provide authorization for services that will be conducted in a new year.




Respite services will be offered at a 1:1 or group level, dependent on the needs of the child, on Saturdays during the school year.  We are open on Saturdays from 8am-1pm.  This service will be offered 9/16/17 through 6/2/18.  Registration will be on a first come first...

ABA Therapy

ABA involves analyzing and modifying human behavior with Behavior Modification. In order to understand the behavior, we must first analyze the behavior by identifying the relationship between the behavior and it’s controlling variables, such as the environment. Behavior Modification refers to applying a set of behavioral principles and techniques to effectively change another individual’s behavior.


In order to ensure satisfaction with the environment provided at Connections, parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Center Director.

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