Social Skills Groups

Our class based support services (daily living skills and social skills) are currently put on hold.  These classes are going to be further developed to better meet the needs of the learners who will enroll in them.  Please watch for information to come out on these services in the future.  


Connections has gone above and beyond my expectations for my amazing son.The entire staff is dedicated to ensuring the best and highest outcomes of these children and truly care for my son and his future. My son inspires me every day and I can tell from the hard work, time and dedication Connections’ staff provides to my son, that they too are inspired by him and all the other amazing kids they work with. Thanks to Connections and the staff I can confidently say my son is on the right path to reach his highest potential and enjoying life.

My son wouldn’t be where he is without the hard work and time through Connections.

- A. A.

Connections is truly a beautiful place! From it’s staff to it’s leadership, they provide such a loving and stimulating environment for my child whose eyes light up when we arrive at Connections for therapy!

With my son recently getting off the wait list for the Autism Waiver and starting Connections just months ago – it is evident to all who know him to see this non-verbal child go from little eye contact and minimal words to more and more each week!  He is now able to express himself in ways he was not able to before therapy!  His play is remarkable and he can now engage in play with his little brother, who adores him and enjoys this time with him greatly!

Because of Connections and their approach to Autism, it is giving my son a chance to grow into his full potential.  I’m very thankful for all who make Connections what it is!

- Written by a Mother of a Beautiful Boy with Autism